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A Complete Guide to Pit Bull Skin Issues (and Fixes!)

If you’re a parent to a Pit Bull, you’ll know that the breed can be prone to skin issues, often caused by allergies, vitamin deficiencies, or sunburn. It can be a challenge to find ways to help make them more comfortable – which all we want to do for them!

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Pit Bull allergies and look at the most common causes of itching in the breed. 

Pit Bull Skin Issues

American Pit Bulls and related breeds, such as Staffordshire Terriers, are prone to skin issues. Parents will need to provide extra care and attention to improve the condition of their pet’s skin and prevent suffering. Most skin problems can be improved by providing good nutrition and proper skincare and cleaning. 

Pit Bulls with certain colorings are more susceptible to developing skin conditions, including itching, flaking, and other dermatological problems. Pit Bulls that have been bred to have a blue-gray coat are rare as they have a recessive gene that’s responsible for creating the striking color. Unfortunately, the blue-grey coat is also more prone to skin disorders. 

Pit Bulls with white fur are more likely to get sunburnt and are prone to issues such as rashes or frequent itching. Red Pit Bulls are less likely to have skin problems. 

Many other things commonly cause skin issues in Pit Bulls, other than genetics. These include zinc deficiencies, skin allergies, and medical problems.

Zinc Deficiency

If your Pit Bull starts to develop dry, scaly skin, it may be caused by zinc-responsive dermatosis. This is a common disorder in Pit Bulls, which can develop from a young age. The issue occurs when dogs don’t get enough zinc in their diets. It’s a main reason we’ve added zinc to our Skin & Coat supplements. In rare cases, animals will eat a diet that contains adequate zinc, but the problems are caused as they can’t digest it properly. 

If your Pit Bull has scaly skin that you think may be caused by zinc deficiency, you can look out for other problems associated with the condition, including redness of the skin, bald patches, or crusty areas. In more severe cases, you may notice oozing skin, especially if the dog has been scratching a lot. This is particularly common around the mouth, chin, and eyes. You may also notice lesions in or around your dog’s ears, on his footpads, or around his nose.

The solution to skin conditions caused by zinc deficiency is to add zinc to your pet’s diet. You should always consult a vet before doing so, to check that your Pit Bull’s skin issues aren’t caused by a medical condition and to ensure you are adding the correct amount of zinc. The correct dose, properly administrated, can help to clear up skin issues.

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Skin Allergies 

Believe it or not, your Pit Bull’s allergy symptoms might be from the food they’re eating. The animal-based ingredients in dog food (beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, egg, pork, fish, and rabbit) are responsible for over 3 times as many food allergy cases as the plant-based ingredients. According to a study on, after five weeks of their dog patients “starting an elimination diet, more than 80% of patients had achieved a remission of clinical signs of CAFR [Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions].”

That means your dog’s allergies could be eliminated just by changing what they eat. Consider switching their dog food. 86% of customers reported a positive health benefit for their dog after switching to Wild Earth dog food!

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Environmental irritants

Pit Bulls can be sensitive to irritants in their environment as they don’t have a thick undercoat to protect their skin like many other breeds. Pit Bulls skin will come into contact with environmental irritants on a daily basis. Common irritants include grasses and pollen, which can easily be picked up on walks. These can cause your dog’s belly to itch. 

Pit Bulls are also sometimes allergic to household cleaning products. If you’ve recently changed your laundry detergent and used it to wash your dog’s bedding, this could cause a rash. Shampoo can also cause rashes or dry skin, which could make your pet itchy.

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Another reason that your dog may be suffering from itchy skin is due to parasites that can either be on the skin or internal. Parasites such as mange and mites can cause itchy, red skin, and frequent scratching. 

Skin conditions can sometimes be a sign of a more severe medical or neurological condition, so it’s essential to consult a vet if your dog starts to itch. Fungal infections and yeast infections can cause pit bull skin problems. 

Keep an eye on your pit bull!

We love our pets like family and hate to see them uncomfortable. The reality is, Pit Bull’s are more susceptible to skin irritations and allergies than some other breeds. Fortunately, by keeping an eye on their activity, watching how they react to their diet, bathing them regularly, and giving them a supplement if you think they need extra support, you can go a long way toward helping them live a more comfortable life!

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