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Tina M.

After a lot of testing Olive was diagnosed with an allergy to most proteins (meat based). After researching vegan/vegetarian dog treats we found Wild Earth. Olive is in HEAVEN! Highly recommend for any dog with allergies or food sensitivities. Great Product!

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Why we tried Wild Earth… The holistic approach for itching and scratching was not working. Allergy shots are expensive. Premium, grain-free dog food is heavy on animal products, so not sustainable…and smells terrible. Fiona and Lulu love the food, the itching and scratching have dramatically decreased and their doggy breath is so much better. We feel so much better that our furry family members can help lighten our carbon footprint.

Marie R.


I was buying the best meat dog food I could find and throwing most of it away. It took me quite a while (unfortunately) figuring out that Katja was food sensitive to chicken, duck, beef and egg. Frustrated I decided to try Wild Earth and see if Katja would eat a vege protein. She apparently loves it. I am so relieved. She hasn’t had a tummy ache since we switched.

Susan K.


Our girl, Emmy Lou, is 12 years old. She had developed some scabby sores on her skin as well as dandruff and both have improved significantly since she began eating Wild Earth about 6 weeks ago. Her bowel movements also improved which is great news because she has a bad back which sometimes prevents her from having a good bowel movement. And, as you can see by the photo, she loves Wild Earth so much she retrieves the bag from the pantry and carries it around the house!

Roxann L.


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